Amidst Tepid Global Growth, Indian Aviation Sector Outperforms: Domestic Market Grows By 8.9 Per Cent In July 2019

Amidst a global slowdown in the aviation sector, India has continue to be an outperformer by clocking an impressive 8.9 per cent growth in domestic air passengers in the month of July this year compared to the previous year, reports Livemint.

Adding to the good news, the RPK (Revenue Passenger Kilometre) figure in July also surged from 8.2 per cent in the preceding month of June to 8.9 per cent. The figure stands for the number of passengers multiplied by the number of kilometres travelled by them. The global growth in the figure stood at much lower 3.6 per cent.

Commenting on the growth, international airlines body, IATA said, “The market has not yet returned to the double-digit growth rates that were the norm in the past 4-5 years. Yet it seems to be adjusting well to the disruption caused by the demise of Jet Airways; capacity is also back on track (7.1% year-on-year in July vs 3.4% in June).”

Meanwhile, the growth of the domestic passenger market for the Chinese aviation sector recorded an even more impressive growth rate of 11.7 per cent in July compared to a year ago.