Delhi Airport: Trial Begins For Biometric Recognition System For Seamless Passenger Movement

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has introduced biometric facial recognition system for passenger movement inside the airport on a trial basis from 6 September, Financial Express reported.

According to GMR group run Delhi International Airport (DIAL), the trial period is for three months and will cover the airliner Vistara at Terminal 3.

With this facility, passengers with valid flight tickets and government ID proof will start the enrolment process from the registration desk where the facial details will be captured by a camera. This will allow the passengers to access the camera installed departure e-gates at security check point and boarding gates.

“It will be truly a seamless experience for the passengers. Participation in the trials is purely voluntary and at the discretion of passengers. This trial will run for three months. Subsequent roll-out plans will be made,” a DIAL spokesperson said.

The company also assured, the passengers’ biometric details will only be stored temporarily during the trial period. All the data will be erased right after the flight departs.

The Minister of Civil Aviation had launched the Digiyatra Programme in 2018 asking airport operators to provide smooth travel inside the premises. This led private airports, facing heavy traffic during peak hours, to introduce the biometric identification technology at the various gates and check points.

While Bengaluru airport already has this system in play since July this year Hyderabad and Mumbai have finished trials for it.