Nagpur Metro Starts Operations On Sitabuldi-Khapri Route; To Benefit MIHAN, Hingna Industrial Estate Employees

MahaMetro has decided to start an hourly metro service between Sitabuldi Interchange Station and Khapri Metro Station after receiving certification from Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) issued certification, Rail Analysis has reported.

The Metro service which will start from 8 am from Sitabuldi and Khapri and will go up and down track on an hourly basis. The services would be operational from 8 am till 8 pm.

The Metro services will benefit thousands of commuters, especially those working in shift duties in Nagpur’s industrialised areas of MIHAN and Hingna Industrial Estate.

A strong consideration is being given to employees working in MIHAN and also SEZs who have been demanding operation of Metro trains as per their working hours to ease commute.

Maha Metro Nagpur has already contacted companies operating from Nagpur’s industrial areas and the employees, to encourage them to avail the service.

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