Centre To Commission One Nuclear Power Reactor Every Year To Boost Commercial Use Of Atomic Energy

In a big boost for India’s civil nuclear energy sector, the Government of India is set to commission at least one new nuclear reactor every year, reports Times of India.

In April 2020, a 700 mega watt (MW) pressurised heavy water reactor will be commissioned in Kakrapar, Gujarat

The development was announced by senior official of the Department of Atomic Energy (DEA) Shrikrishna Gupta in the presence of Union Minister for DEA Jitendra Singh.

Kakrapar-3 nuclear reactor will be commissioned in the middle of the year. After this, Kakrapar-4 nuclear reactor will be commissioned in the middle of 2021. This would then be followed by commissioning of RAPP-7 nuclear reactor in Rajasthan’s Rawatbhata by middle of 2022.

At present, 22 nuclear reactors are operational in India under the ambit of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL). These reactors have a cumulative installed capacity of 6780 MW.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that India’s Kaiga-1 nuclear reactor has set a world record with 962 days of continuous and uninterrupted operation. Also, Tarapur atomic power reactors 1 and 2 have completed 50 years in operation. These were the nation’s first nuclear reactors and were commissioned in October 1969.