BSNL And Skylotech India launch Ingeniousness satellite based IoT, To Connect India’s Core Sectors

Global machine connectivity solutions company and BSNL partnered to launch a breakthrough, satellite based narrowband IoT network in India.

This technology is developed completely indigenously by Skylo, this will connect BSNL’s satellite ground infrastructure, providing PAN India coverage and across Indian seas, the coverage promises to cover all area on Indian territory and seas without leaving any uncovered or dark patch.

This solution will provide connectivity to millions of yet to be connected devices, machines, sensors and industrial IoTs.

“The solution is in line with BSNL’s vision to leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative telecom services and products across customers segments. Skylo would also help provide critical data for the logistics sector to enable effective distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in 2021,” PK Purwar, CMS of BSNL, said in a statement.

In January of 2020, Skylotech secured a funding of $ 103 million in series B round, led by soft bank.

“For centuries, industries, including agriculture, railways and fisheries, have been operating offline, and have not had the opportunity to take full advantage of the latest advancements in AI & IoT– until today. This is the world’s first satellite-based NB-IoT network and I am proud to launch this capability in India first to transform lives and our domestic industries,” said Parthsarathi Trivedi, CEO of Skylo.

Such new technology has already been tested in various Indian sectors, in Railways, fishing vessels, where they have successfully coordinated with other devices, now, the new launch will help Department of Telecom and NITI Aayog’s plan realise bringing indigenous developed IoT to various Indian sectors.

This new technology will give substantial value addition in operating industrial applications on mobile phones or desktop, small, smart incredibly rugged Skylo’s user terminal interfaces with sensors to transmit data to skylo network and to user’s devices.

It lets users take necessary decisions whenever appropriate, enhancing mobile centric industrial application, and promises to cover through India’s geography and bring new applications for first time.

“Successful POCs have already been conducted by BSNL and Skylo in India and we will soon approach various user groups before the New Year 2021 begins.”  Shri Vivek Banzal, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, said.