New Railways Policy: Private Developers to build Goods-Sheds In Smaller and Road-Side Stations

In a new policy issued by Indian Railways on Thursday, 15th September, it aims to augment terminal capacity by developing goods sheds in smaller and road side railway stations.

This policy invites private sector for building new goods sheds (green-field) and upgradation of existing goods (brown-field) sheds.

This policy has come in with inviting private developers, after Indian railways was unable to execute the same due to lack of resources.

Contracts for building and upgrading goods sheds will be awarded via transparent and competitive bidding process, bidders seeking least share in Terminal Charges (TC) and Terminal Access Charges (TAC) for all inward and outward goods traffic for five years from the date of completion of building facilities will be awarded the contract, said the document.

Additional available space can be utilized for setting up canteen/tea shop or advertisements etc. to generate additional revenue, Railway ministry circular said.

The maintenance of assets and facilities will also be levied on private developers.

The Policy also mentions, Railway will not levy any additional charges for construction of goods shed, the facilities built by private developers will be used as common user facility, and no priority will be granted to builder’s traffic or other private traffic over railways customer’s traffic.

All developments by private property will be done as per Railways issued designs, to meet Railways standards and specifications, the new guidelines issued to private builders will include, wharf, loading/unloading facilities, resting space, drinking water facilities, sanitation & water facilities etc. approach road, cover shed and other related infrastructure, all facilities will be built by private developers with their own investment.