Reliance Jio And Qualcomm Together In 5G Rollout In India: Achieves 1Gbps Speed In Tests

Jio platforms Ltd. And Qualcomm Technologies Inc. along with its subsidiary Radisys Corporation in USA will jointly work to develop and rollout 5G network services in India, announced in a 5G virtual summit.

While India has not yet auctioned it’s 5G airwaves, Jio and Qualcomm has tested 5G, achieving 1Gbps speed, “This achievement not only supports Jio’s 5G credentials, but also signifies India and Jio’s entry into Gigabit 5G NR product portfolio” Jio platforms said in a statement.

The speed achievement is significant, very few countries, US, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Germany have successfully achieved 1Gbps and higher speed.

With help of Qualcomm, Jio has indigenously developed 5G RAN (Radio access Network) technology, jio 5G RAN is already tested by Tier-1 carrier in USA

Jio platforms Ltd. has raised Rs. 1.5 trillion from big investors such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. in past 4 months, and another Rs. 730 crores from Qualcomm ventures.

In an earlier statement, Jio platforms said that, Qualcomm investments would deepen ties between Jio and Qualcomm to support Qualcomm’s journey in rolling out 5G services in India.

Ecosystem collaborations like this play crucial role in allowing operators and industry verticals to easily and quickly add 5G coverage and capacity, whenever and wherever needed, Durga Malladi, Vice President and General Manager,4G and 5G services, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. added.

“Development of secure 5G RAN solutions with Qualcomm Technologies combined with Jio Platforms and scale provides the ideal combination for local manufacturing and for accelerating of Atmanirbhar Bharat of an inclusive 5G solution” Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President, Reliance Jio Communications added.

Indigenously developing 5G RAN technologies with keep Jio’s technology immune to much of 5G related controversy linked to Chinese equipment’s being used by global operators.

RIL Chairman, Mukesh Ambani in 43rd annual general meeting in July has announced, “Jio has developed a complete 5G solution from scratch, this will enable us to launch a world class 5G service in India using 100% home grown technology and solution”.

RIL Chairman has already shown interest in selling technology to other carriers once successfully rolled-out in Indian market, Jio is planning to introduce very inexpensive 5G device which would cost less than 40$, PTI reported earlier in October.