South-Eastern Railways To Run More Trains With Head-On-Generation Technology

The South-Eastern Railway (SER) zone of Indian Railways has decided to remove one of the power coaches, i.e. generator cars, from six of its trains and operate it on the Head-On-Generation (HOG) technology.

The power coach will be replaced with a second-class general coach that will assist in accommodating more travelers in the concerned passenger trains.

The six concerned trains are: 08201/08202 Durg-Nautanwa-Durg Express Special, 02883/02884 Durg-Nizamuddin-Durg Express Special and 08203/08204 Durg-Kanpur-Durg Express Special).

The HOG technology will allow the national transporter to significantly cut down on its diesel consumption that was earlier used to power the generators. Instead, trains will be sourcing power from the Over Head Equipment (OHE) to cater to the electrical requirements in the train.

HOG system promises to reduce air and noise pollution in addition to providing fool-proof, continuous lighting in the coaches. It extracts power from the electric traction itself for the proper functioning of electrical appliances such as fans, bulbs and air conditioners.

Furthermore, there are chances that the fire-related incidents in trains will trim down gradually considering that inflammable materials like diesel will no longer be carried during the journeys, Mint reports.

Accordingly, the SER has plans in place to operate more trains on the HOG technology upon the resumption of normal services by the Indian Railways