Waste-To-Energy: 2.4 MW Electricity And 3,000 KGs Of Light Diesel, And 10 Tons Compost  To Be Produced From Waste-To-energy Plant in Imphal

In a step towards dealing with the menace of solid waste, Imphal, the capital city of Manipur has added 120 tonnes-per-day municipal waste-to-energy plant to its arsenal, reports Hindu Businessline.

Commissioned by Ahmedabad based Innovative Eco-Care (IEC), the plant will produce 2.4 megawatts (MWs) of electricity, around 10 tonnes of compost and also 3,000 kilograms (KGs) of light diesel oil.

The plant has been built with the Renerzyme process which involves a mixed microbial treatment of the municipal solid waste. This helps reduce the moisture and eliminates foul odour. The process results in improved efficiency of the power generation from the waste.

It should be noted that the Ahmedabad based IEC is also implementing a similar project in Karnataka’s capital city of Bengaluru.

Once operational, it would have the capacity to process as much as 300 tonnes of municipal waste per day, while generating six MWs of energy. The entire project is set to be made operational by December 2022 as per Vioul Chaturvedi who is the founder and managing director of IEC.