Bengaluru Metro Phase-3 To Be 42 Km Long, To Be Operational By 2027-28

In a boost to seamless connectivity among various modes of public transport in Bangalore city, the alignment of the Bengaluru Metro Phase-III project has been finalised as a 42 km long line with links to other Metro lines, suburban rail and bus depots at nine points.

The phase-3, expected to become operational by 2027-2028, will have two Metro corridors.

Corridor-I will be 31 km and run along the Outer Ring Road from J P Nagar to Hebbal, and Corridor-II will run from Hosahalli Toll to Kadabagere for 11 km, reports The New Indian Express.

“The line along the ORR will have 22 stations including three at JP Nagar while the second line will have nine stations. Somanahalli Cross will serve as an interchange station,” a senior official said.

“The crucial aspect of Metro Phase-3 are these nine points where it will merge with its own network or facilitate multi-modal integration,” said another official.

Among the points where it would happen is the JP Nagar Phase V station with J P Nagar stn in Green Line of Phase-I; first corridor ending at Hebbal with Phase-2B of Airport Line; Kamakya Metro with the bus station; Mysuru Road with existing one on Purple Line; Sumanahalli as an interchange point for both the new corridors; Peenya with existing station on Green Line; Lottegahalli will connect with the proposed Suburban rail corridor; Hebbal with the upcoming suburban rail station, existing Indian railway station and the BMTC depot, and Hosahalli with the existing station on Green Line.