Andhra Govt To Develop And Sell Housing Plots In Urban Areas To Middle-Class Families

The Andhra Pradesh (AP) government, led by Chief Minister (CM) YS Jaganmohan Reddy, decided to develop layouts with housing plots for middle-class families around various cities and towns.

Intending to promote urban areas’ planned and integrated development, the AP government plans to sell developed plots to families from middle-income groups at a fixed price.

The government provides basic infrastructure facilities including roads, drains, water supply and electricity in the proposed layouts, reports The Economic Times.

A high-level committee headed by the municipal administration secretary has been constituted to implement the project.

“The land shall be identified by giving preference to immediate saleability. The land parcels identified shall be within 5 kms from the ULB boundary. However, immediately saleable land may be proposed even if located at more than 5 kms distance along with suitable justification,” said Y Srilakshmi, special chief secretary (municipal administration).

Besides saleability, availability of employment opportunities in the area and the existence of approach roads are some other criteria for selecting land parcels.

The special chief secretary (municipal administration) said that though priority is given to government land, including those owned by government undertakings or assigned lands free from encroachments and litigations, private lands can also be identified, which can be purchased.