Bangalore To Become A 24 – Hours City

Karnataka Legislative ammended Karnataka Shops and Establishments Act 1962, as per amendment Shops, stores and business across Karnataka with more than 10 employees can open 24×7.

Karnataka government took this decision to generate more employment and accelerating more economic activities.

It is also expected to give a boost to retail expenditure, which is hit by pandemic, and help government collect more revenue.

“All employers shall not require or allow any person employed to work therein for more than eight hours in any day and forty-eight hours in any week and the period of work including overtime shall not exceed ten hours in any day,” the government order said.

Concerning workers health, the government notification also said, no employee should be made to work more than ten hours per day, and they are entitled to at least one week off, and on working more than 8 hours per day, employee should be compensated.

Concerning women safety, the notification also said, women should be allowed to work beyond 8 PM, unless employer obtaining women employee’s written consent to work from 8 AM to 6 AM, and employer provide adequate protection to her “dignity, honour and safety”, as notification read.

“If employees are found working on any holiday or after normal duty hours without proper indent of overtime, penal action shall be initiated against the employer/Manager as laid down in the Karnataka Shops and Establishments Act and Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules,” the notification read.

This decision also forms part of Karnataka Government’s initiative of easing the ease of doing business, as there was demand from traders to increase no. of business hours, especially after pandemic, said, Akram Pasha, Karnataka State Labour Commissioner.

This new order to allow business to operate 24×7 is applicable for the next years, until further amendments are announced after three years.

Other states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Haryana are also experimenting similar with night-economy.

State Labour Department officials claimed that, such move in Maharashtra has already witnessed, increased employment in retail sectors, similar results can be expected in Bengaluru, consumers will be very happy too, however, the benefits will be location dependent, business in locations such as central business district and in areas with IT employees and SEZs, will definitely benefit consumers and businesses.