Install A Plug-In: Central Government Says Buildings Will Have To Allot 20 Per Cent Parking Space For EV Charging


According to the new guidelines of the Housing and Urban Development Ministry, residential and commercial complexes will have to allot 20 per cent of their parking space for electric vehicle charging facilities, and restaurants will have to reserve space for kiosks, reports Economic Times.

The housing and urban ministry has issued guidelines to provide for EVM charging facilities through an Urban and Regional Development Plan Formulation and Implementation Guidelines, 2014 and addendum to Model Building Bye-Laws, 2016.

“Depending on the occupancy pattern and parking provisions in the premises, charging infrastructures shall be provided only for electric vehicles, which is currently calculated to be 20 per cent of all ‘vehicle holding capacity’ at the premise,” the guidelines said.

The ministry has also recommended that the metering be linked with the house owner’s monthly maintenance bills. The power ministry has reportedly issued guidelines for charging facilities under which it has asked public charging stations to install both Japanese and European charging platforms.

The guidelines also requires a charging station to be set up every 3 km in cities and every 25 km on both sides of highways.