Ayodhya: Shri Ram Temple Enters Final Phase Of Ground Floor Construction


Construction of the three-storey Shri Ram Temple at Ayodhya is in full swing, with the ground floor work now entering the final phase.

The progress of ground floor in Shri Ram Temple was reviewed recently by the senior members of the Trust including Chairman Construction Committee, Nripendra Misra.

The engineering teams of Larsen & Tourbo, Tata Consulting Engineers also participated in the meeting.

In order to provide longevity and durability, the material has been selectively picked up for the Temple.

It includes 1.30 lakh cubic metre of engineering fill in foundation, 9,500 cubic metre compacted concrete in raft and 6.16 lakh cubic feet of granite in plinth, 4.74 lakh cubic feet of Bansi-Paharpur stone in super structure of temple, 14,132 cubic feet carved Makrana marble stone in pillars and wall cladding and 76,219 square feet high quality Makrana marble flooring.

Top view of the temple construction site.

According to the construction committee, there will be 46 numbers of teakwood doors. The door of Sanctum Sanctorum will be ornated with gold.

The entire Sanctum Sanctorum has been aesthetically carved with Makrana marble pillars, beams, ceiling and wall cladding. There are 392 pillars which have been structurally provided taking into consideration the load factor and other climatic challenges.

The progress is being monitored on a daily basis by senior functionaries and actual issues getting addressed.

After the completion of the temple foundation, raft and plinth, the placement of Bansi Paharpur Rajasthan stone will take place.

Apart from Garbh Griha (Sanctum Sanctorum) the temple has five Mandaps — Gudh Mandap, Rang Mandap, Nritya Mandap, Prathana Mandap and Kirtan Mandap. The dome size of the five mandaps are 34 feet in width and 32 feet in length and the height from courtyard ranging from 69 feet to 111 feet.

The temple is 380 feet in length, 250 feet in width and 161 feet high from the courtyard. The size of Sanctum Sanctorum is 20 feet x 20 feet in length and width with total area of 403.34 square feet.

The temple will have both internal and external lighting arrangements with in ground uplighter, cove lighting, spot lightings and flexible linear lighting for ghumat level.

The external view of the temple will have projected façade lighting. The total area of the temple including the peripheral Parkota is 8.64 acres.

The Parkota is 762 metre long with provision for six temples and facility of ‘Parikrama’ by devotees.

The construction work is in full swing for completion by October 2023. The ancient ‘Kuber Tila’ with Shiva temple and proposed ‘Jatayu’ would also attract devotees once completed.