Indian Railways: New Panel To Examine Psychological Condition Of Security Personnel Before Issuing Weapons


The Railway Ministry, in a first such exercise, has asked a high-level committee to list out the precautions needed to be taken before issuing a weapon to any security personnel before deployment.

This move follows the incident where an RPF (Railway Protection Force) jawan fatally shot four passengers in the Jaipur-Mumbai Express.

The committee will also recommend how to assess the psychological condition of the staff through medical tests to ascertain whether he/she can be deployed with weapons or not.

According to sources, the panel set up by the railways consists of two principal chief security commissioners, a principal chief medical director and also the head of railway’s human resources division.

Headed by the additional director general of RPF, the committee members were decided considering the factors leading to this unfortunate incident.

“This has shocked the entire railway family and the need to overhaul the system has been felt by the Railway Board,” the railways maintains.

It is learnt that the committee has been tasked to examine what types of weapons should be issued to the RPF staff who are deployed in trains, stations and other railway premises.

The panel will also suggest the systemic changes required to be made to ascertain the mental condition of staff so that necessary precautions can be taken.

Railway officials said the findings and recommendations of the panel would pave the way for any modifications in the standard operating procedure for deployment of RPF staff and particularly those with weapons.