Koramangala Valley Re-Development: From Sewage Polluted Drain To An Exemplary Urban Space


After the recent Karnataka state budget 2021-22, wherein, Koramangala Valley Rajakaluve Development and Maintenance (K-100) was allotted Rs. 169 crore, to convert the natural storm water drain into an exemplary urban development project and a recreational facility for Bangalore.

Kormanagala (K-100) valley is one of biggest natural valleys in Bengaluru, the valley originates in KR market region and flows into Bellandur lake, which is 11 Km in length and 28 Km including its subsidiary drains.

Recent water tests from the natural storm water drain show that, untreated sewage and other effluents are directly discharged into drain.

The new project aims to convert the polluted natural storm water drain into a recreational facility for Bengaluru, with a pedestrian pathway, several bridges  and crossovers across canal, surrounded by greenery and a treatment plant with 5 MLD (Million Litres per Day) capacity.

The project got the BBMP’s go-ahead on 31st December 2020, and tender was invited with an initial estimated price of Rs. 147 crores, lowest bidder, Star Infratech, a Bengaluru based developer was awarded the contract at Rs. 175 crores.

Necessary clearance from Karnataka Tank Conservation and Development Authority (KTCDA) was also issued.

The project after getting financial clearance from UDD (Urban Development Department) Karnataka, it was allotted Rs. 169 crores in the recent Karnataka state budget 2021-22, and the project is expected to be completed in next two years.

The rejuvenation project is also a pet project of Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, who has chaired the initial project proposal meetings with various stakeholders, and has shown keen interest in the project and follows closely.

Apart from project costs, BBMP will also bear another Rs 4.5 crore for maintenance of project for the next five years.

The project will be conceptualized and designed by VA (Venkatramanan Associates), one of Bengaluru’s biggest architecture & urban design organisation, VA has been previously  involved in similar urban design projects such as Church Street redevelopment project and others.

BBMP has increasingly given more attention to de-silting drains recently, and BBMP claims to have de-silted 90 per cent of sewage entering Koramangala valley.

The project will derive some of its ideas and inspiration from Cheonggyecheon rover in Seoul, a river running trough city, once shut under an elevated expressway, now has been rejuvenated into an open urban public space.

While funds are allocated, more details on design and DPR of the project are still awaited.

The Karnataka state budget 2021-22, has laid an increased emphasis on Bengaluru’s urban development to realise ‘Bengaluru Mission 2022-Bengalurige Navachaitanya’