Move To Make Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership Hasslefree  


New Delhi, Nov 27: With the aim of making the transfer of vehicle ownership easy and less cumbersome to the identified family member or any other nominee on the lines of bank accounts, the Road Transport Ministry has proposed to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Rules enabling the owner to put the name of nominee while applying for registration.

According to the proposal, one can also add the names at a later stage through an online application.

The proposed move will not only bring huge relief to the family members of the owner, particularly in case of his/ her death, ownership transfer will be hasslefree.

The draft rule specifies that the owner has to submit some proof of the nominee for verification.

According to the draft, transfer of ownership in case of death to the legal heir in case there is no nominee has been specified by the registered owner, it is proposed that an additional clause may be inserted wherein “proof of  identity of nominee, if any” to enable the owner to nominate a nominee.

The transfer of ownership will happen in case where the nominee has been specified by the registered owner of the vehicle and the nominee needs to inform the registering authority in the state of his residence or place of business through the portal for a fresh certificate of registration in his/ her name electronically.

Describing the move as a big reform, the Transport Ministry official maintain that it will end the hassle many face, particularly in cases where the register owners pass away.

The family members keep approaching different offices and every officer seeks some or the other information. In case of commercial vehicles, even the permits get cancelled. This causes a lot of hardship for families dependent on operation of commercial vehicles.

Currently, in case of death of the registered owner, the family members need to get the ownership transferred within three months and complying with procedures often result in frequent visits to different offices. “This is yet another move to improve the ease of living,” ministry officials said.

In yet another move, the Transport Ministry has proposed to make it easier for the registration of more than 50-year old two-wheelers and four-wheelers as “Vintage Vehicles”.

The owners of such vehicles can get the first registration of such vehicles by paying Rs 20,000 for 10 year and the renewal fee would be Rs 5,000.

The ministry has proposed that the governments will set up a panel to take decisions on issues relating to this category of vehicles.   It also proposes that such vehicles imported into India should be maintained in its original form and should not have undergone any substantial overhaul which includes any modification in chassis or body shell or engine.

Such vehicles can be used only for display or use for the purpose of a demonstration, for technical research or taking part in a vintage car rally, for refueling and maintenance.