Ola Electric To Build World’s Largest Hypercharger Network With One Lakh Charging Points Across 400 Cities


Ola Electric revealed its plans for providing charging solutions to all its electric two wheeler customers and unveiled the Ola Hypercharger Network on Thursday (22 April).

The Ola Electric plans to build the widest and densest electric two wheeler charging network in the world, with more than 100,000 charging points across 400 cities through its Ola Hypercharger Network.

In the first year alone, Ola will set up over 5,000 charging points across 100 cities in India, more than double the existing charging infrastructure in the country.

The company said that Ola Scooter can be charged 50 per cent in just 18 minutes for a 75 kms range, providing superior range confidence.

Ola Hyperchargers will be widely deployed across cities, particularly in city centers and dense business districts as stand alone towers as well as in popular locations such as malls, IT parks, office complexes, cafes and more, ensuring that Ola Electric customers always have a Hypercharger nearby.

The Ola Hypercharger network, being built by Ola along with partners, will be complemented by the home charger that will be bundled with the Ola Scooter. The home charger will require no installation and will provide Ola customers the convenience of charging at home by simply plugging into a regular wall socket for overnight charging.

Announcing the plans, Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO, Ola, said, “Electric is the future of mobility and we are reimagining the entire user experience of owning an electric vehicle. Our plans to build a comprehensive charging network is a key piece of this. By creating the world’s largest and densest two wheeler charging network, we will dramatically accelerate the customer adoption of electric vehicles and rapidly move the industry to electric.”

In December 2020, Ola had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government in Tamil Nadu to set up, what it calls, the biggest electric scooter manufacturing plant in the world.

The company is investing Rs 2,400 crore ($320 million) to establish the production facility. The company said that the new facility will create 10,000 jobs. The world’s largest scooter manufacturing facility, which will initially have an annual capacity of two million units.