Oxygen Express: Indian Railways Delivers 150 Tonnes Of Medical Oxygen


The Indian Railways is running Oxygen Express in response to its fight against Covid-19.

Oxygen Expresses with Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) tankers have arrived at Nashik and at Lucknow for Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh respectively.

Few Containers were also unloaded at Nagpur and Varanasi enroute to supply LMO in these region. Also, the third Oxygen Express started its journey from Lucknow on Sunday morning.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Delhi are in consultation with the railways to operate more such trains.

It may be noted that tankers filled with LMO at Visakhapatnam and Bokaro are presently being transported through Ro-Ro service of Indian Railways.

To fulfil the requirements of medical oxygen in Uttar Pradesh, for the movement of the train, a green corridor was created between Lucknow to Varanasi.

The distance of 270 Km was covered by the train in 4 hours 20 minutes with an average speed of 62.35 kmph. A total of 10 containers having nearly 150 tonnes of oxygen have been carried so far.

Transportation of Oxygen through Trains is faster over long distances than road transport as trains run throughout the course of the day unlike the latter.

Indian Railways transported essential commodities and kept the supply chain intact even during the lockdown last year and is furthering its service for a similar purpose this time around too.