PM Modi To Inaugurate New Parliament Building On 28 May


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate newly constructed Parliament building to the nation on 28 May, Lok Sabha Secretariat said on Thursday (18 May).

This comes after Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla met the Prime Minister on Thursday (18 May) and invited him to inaugurate the New Parliament building.

The new Parliament building is part of the redevelopment of the Central Vista, the nation’s power corridor.

In December 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of the new Parliament building which will have modern facilities.

Tata Projects Ltd is constructing the new Parliament building which will have a grand constitution hall to showcase India’s democratic heritage, a lounge for members of Parliament, a library, multiple committee rooms, dining areas and ample parking space.

The new Parliament building will reportedly showcase nearly 5,000 pieces of art, including paintings, decorative art, wall panels, stone sculptures, and metal objects, all following the guiding principles of Sanatan parampara and vaastu shastra, spread across 65,000 meters of space.

The new building has six entrances, each featuring “guardian statues of auspicious animals” that have been chosen based on their significance in Indian culture, vaastu shastra and attributes such as wisdom, victory, power and success.

The building’s interior will showcase various themes on each wall, such as honoring tribal and women leaders. Its underlying narrative is aimed to represent 5,000 years of Indian civilization with adequate focus on Indian knowledge and scientific traditions, monuments, and the Bhakti tradition, according to an official.