Prime Minister Modi’s Vision Takes Shape: Gujarat’s Iconic Okha-Beyt Dwarka Sea Bridge Reaches 92 Per Cent Completion


One of the significant infrastructure developments underway in the state of Gujarat, is the construction of a cable-stayed sea bridge — linking the Beyt Dwarka island in the Gulf of Kutch to Okha, India.

A dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, work on the Okha-Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge has reached 92 per cent completion, according to the state government, reports Times of India.

Approval for the construction of the bridge was given by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in 2016.

With a significant investment of Rs 978 crore, the bridge stretches an impressive length of 2,320 m. Its construction involved the installation of 38 pillars in the sea using hawk cranes, which also supports the 900-m-long cable-stayed segment.

The project began in March 2018 and is expected to be completed by October 2023.

Once reliant on ferry boats, people travelling between Okha and Beyt Dwarka will now benefit from the transformative Signature Bridge, offering a well-planned transport alternative.

The main span of the bridge is 500-m-long, setting a new record as India’s longest span. It is supported by two A-shaped pylons — each 130 m tall.

Additionally, 2.3 km of approach roads will be built on both sides. The bridge will be 27-m-wide, with four lanes and 2.5-m-wide footpaths on each side. A dedicated parking area will be constructed at Okha.

To enhance sustainability, solar panels generating 1 mega-watt of electricity are installed on the footpath which will be used for lighting the bridge.

Furthermore, 12 view galleries and decorative evening lighting will provide scenic views of the bridge and its surroundings.