RAPIDX Train Services To Deploy Dedicated Train Attendant For Commuters


RAPIDX train services, being implemented by NCRTC, will have a dedicated Train Attendant for the convenience of commuters.

RAPIDX is India’s first Regional Rail service being constructed between Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut. It has many special features, including a Premium Class coach in every RAPIDX train.

The Train Attendant will play an important role in acquainting the commuters with the facilities available in the train and ensuring their safe and secure commute. The train will be driven by a train operator and one train attendant will always be present on the train to assist commuters.

The RAPIDX train attendant will be stationed in the Premium coach and will impart all the travel-related information to commuters. During the journey, he will also provide information regarding the use of safety equipment and the desired information related to the journey to the commuters. He will especially assist and tend to the needs of the aged, sick, especially-abled and commuters in need.

Apart from this, the train attendant will also assist the train operator during operations. In case of emergency, the attendant will help commuters, not only of the Premium coach but also the rest of the train.

In case of a breakdown or any other emergency, the Train Attendant shall operate the evacuation device fitted on the train as per the instructions of the train operator and assist the commuters to get out of the train by opening the side doors.

Moreover, in case the train halts on the viaduct (bridge) due to any technical reason, the train attendant will assist all the on-board commuters to alight on the viaduct from the emergency gate and then will lead them to the nearest emergency evacuation exit to descend from there to the ground level through a safe passage.

The first coach of the RAPIDX train will be a Premium coach. This coach will be equipped with many modern amenities including comfortable cushioned reclining seats, mobile and laptop charging ports, luggage racks and magazine holders, among others.

In order to travel in this coach, commuters will have to take entry from the AFC placed at the platform level of the station. This is the first time in the country that a double-tap system is being used in any public transportation system. All the commuters travelling in the RAPIDX train will first tap their tickets on the AFC placed on the concourse level.

NCRTC is soon going to commence operations on the 17-km long Priority Section, between Sahibabad to Duhai, of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor, ahead of schedule.