‘Sideways Rocking Movement In Train Will Be A Thing Of Past’: Bullet Trains To Be Modified To Suit Indian Conditions


The “lurch” or sideways rocking movement experienced by train commuters in India will be a thing of past once the bullet trains running at even 320 km/hr is introduced in the country, Times of India reports. The E 5 Series Shinkansen will make up for any roll and it will be customized to tackle India’s gruesome hot weather.

National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) director Achal Khare explained, “They (bullet trains) have sensors fitted at the bogie level and the sensors will sense the curve ahead in advance and then will actuate a hydraulically operated cylinder to neutralize the lurch. This is important from a passenger comfort point of view.”

Apparently, discussions are underway with rolling stock manufacturers and consultants to further polish designs for the same. Khare elaborated that they had initially planned to completely replicate the Japanese bullet trains in India given that it has stood the test of time. However, he quipped that the dust and temperature situation in India were acting as a major hurdle for the same.

“In our ambient temperature, we are asking for 55 degree centigrade; they design for 40 degree…15 degrees in air conditioning will make a big difference. The air conditioning equipment will be very heavy and they have very compact design. So, accommodating that increased equipment will be a challenge,” he further added.

Moreover, the bullet trains will have remodified air filters to deal with the challenging dust conditions. Khare revealed that the NHSRCL is planning to kick off the operations for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project by December 2023 or early 2024. Targets have been set to open up the train for trial purposes if not for commercial purposes by then.