Temple-Inspired Redesign Of Rameswaram Station Begins


As the new Pamban rail bridge connecting the Indian mainland with Rameswaram island nears completion, Southern Railway (SR) has started work on revamping the Rameswaram railway station.

Southern railways, in September 2022 had awarded the redevelopment work of Rameswaram Railway Station to M/s. SABARI Constructions-M/s URC Constructions Joint Venture at a cost of Rs 90.20 Crores.

Rameswaram railway station features in the list of the nine stations taken up by the Southern Railway zone for redevelopment in the first phase. The Railways have decided to redevelop the station looking at its tourist and religious significance.

The project has been awarded as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract, with a time frame of 18 months for completion.

The SR zone has completed major preliminary works and handed over the Right of way, which is a legal right to enter and carry out the work, at 11 locations to the EPC contractor for carrying out the work.


At the very tip of the Indian peninsula lies Rameswaram which is home to the famous Ramanathaswamy Temple, known for its elaborate corridors and splendidly sculpted pillars.

Though lying separated from the mainland of India in the Pamban Island, Rameswaram is connected to the mainland by the magnificent Pamban Bridge.

Considered one of the holiest places for Hindus in India and one among the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites, Rameswaram is also the closest point to Sri Lanka from India. Geological evidences state that once India was connected to Sri Lanka from this point via the Rama Sethu bridge.

This quaint town has from time immemorial been a place of great interest and admiration to travellers. It is believed that Lord Rama, on his return after his war with Ravana, offered a repentance prayer to Lord Shiva to absolve his sins he had to commit during the confrontation.

Rameswaram railway station, which acts as a terminus (an end station) for the Madurai-Rameswaram line, sees an average passenger footfall of 9000 daily. The station is prominently located o­n the Pamban Island and is about 40 km from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka.

Roadmap to Redevelopment

Two terminal buildings are proposed to be constructed, one each at the Eastern and Northern side. The architecture of the terminals will reflect contemporary adaptation of the traditional temple architecture of Rameswaram temple.

Terminal Building of Rameswaram Station

A spacious forecourt, circulating area being redeveloped independently for arrival and departure, in front of the Eastern terminal building will be dedicated for pedestrians and drop off area for vehicles. This will allow seamless movement of passengers and road vehicles.

The station is all set for a world-class makeover and will sport airport-like infrastructure and facilities.

Work-in-Progress on Nine Stations

Southern Railway has taken up station redevelopment as o­ne of the key areas for enhancing the passenger experience. Nine stations in Southern Railway are likely to undergo transformational changes as part of station redevelopment.

These include five in Tamil Nadu – Madurai, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, Chennai Egmore and Katpadi; three in Kerala – Ernakulam Junction, Ernakulam Town and Kollam and Puducherry.

Southern Railway has awarded tenders for redevelopment of all the nine railway stations and work is progressing at a steady pace.