Vande Bharat Sleeper Edition: ICF To Float Tender Worth Rs 30,000 Crore For 240 Trains


Indian Railways is targeting to make about 400 Vande Bharat trains with sleeper facilities in the next four years.

Moving on the growth trajectory, the Railways has decided to order 240 more Vande Bharat trains with sleeper coaches, for which the tender worth Rs 30,000 crore would be floated by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) shortly.

Sleeper Vande Bharat trains are expected to run on long distance routes like Rajdhani and Duronto service. The design of the sleeper edition Vande Bharat is at the final stage at ICF.

Currently, ICF at Chennai has the order for manufacturing 86 Vande Bharat trains, out of which there would be 75 Vande Bharat trains with executive class and chair car, and the rest will be sleeper class.

The tender for 240 Vande Bharat trains would be floated after finalisation of documents. These 240 Vande Bharat trains would be running at 160 kmph speed.

In sleeper segment, the Railways has awarded manufacturing of 200 Vande Bharat trains, while the order for 100 Vande Bharat trains with aluminium body is being finalised now.

Recently, the colour of Vande Bharat train has been changed to a mix of orange and grey colour. ICF has rolled out 25 Vande Bharat trains, as on date, and four rakes are ready to roll out next month.