Congestion Over, Smooth Passage For Stranded Passengers On Rail Network


Resolving the problem of heavy congestion on certain rail routes, Indian Railways has pressed more than 3000 Shramik Specials into service carrying over 40 lakh passengers till Monday.

With the starting of airline operation, now more and more stranded passengers are likely to be able to return their homes.

The congestion on some rail routes has earlier created problems for many trains particularly those heading for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar causing massive delays and inconvenience to passengers onboard in the summer time.

While some trains were diverted to avoid the congested routes, many managed to reach their destinations after several hours of delay.

However, that has been resolved now and we have operationalised 3060 Shramik Special trains till Monday morning across the country and transports more than 40 lakh passengers to their home states in 25 days, said a senior Railway Ministry official and added “The congestion witnessed in the rail network on May 23 and 24 is over.”

The congestion had occurred due to convergence of more than two third rail traffic on routes to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and late clearance of the terminals due to health protocols etc. that needed to be completed by State authorities, according to railways.

The matter has resolved through active consultation with State Governments and also finding other feasible routes for the journey.

Shramik Specials were launched for the movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places by special trains.

Out of 3060 Shramik Special trains, 2608 trains have been terminated, 452 trains are on the run.

The Shramik Specials were originated from various states. The top five States/Union Territories from where maximum trains originated are Gujarat (853 Trains), Maharashtra (550 Trains), Punjab (333 Trains), Uttar Pradesh (221 Trains), Delhi (181 Trains).

Also, these Shramik Special Trains were terminated in various States across the country. The top five states where maximum trains terminated are Uttar Pradesh (1245 Trains), Bihar (846 Trains), Jharkhand (123 Trains), Madhya Pradesh (112 Trains), Odisha (73 Trains).

In addition to Shramik Specials, Railways is also running 30 pairs of special trains connecting New Delhi from May 12 and plans to start 200 more time-tabled trains from June.