Second Airport For Bengaluru? Tamil Nadu Renews Efforts To Set Up Airport At Hosur


Soon the greater Bangalore region may get a second airport in its vicinity as the Tamil Nadu government has renewed the plans for building an airport at Hosur.

Hosur city in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu is located in the south-eastern direction of India’s tech capital Bengaluru.

Being home to manufacturing giants like Ashok Leyland, Titan, TVS Motors, Caterpillar, Sundaram Fasteners and Schaffler, Hosur is a highly industrialised area that is fast becoming a hub to new era industries like electric vehicles and battery manufacturing too with Ola establishing its mega factory near it.

Second Airport For Bengaluru?

Recently, Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO) issued a Request for Proposal to select a consultant to undertake demand assessment, air traffic forecasting and identification of potential sites for setting up the airport at Hosur.

In 2018, Tamil Nadu tried to launch services from a private airport owned by Taneja Aerospace and Aviation in Hosur, but plans didn’t materialise.

“TIDCO has called for consultants to conduct a feasibility study on identifying a location for an airport in Hosur. The study will take a detailed look into all factors,” Pankaj Kumar Bansal, chairman and managing director of TIDCO, told Deccan Herald.

“Bengaluru city may be close to Hosur, but not its airport. We feel Hosur should have an exclusive airport given its status as an industrial hub which will only grow in the coming years. The distance from Bengaluru airport to Hosur is also a factor. . We are exploring all possibilities,” another official said.