Delhi Metro: DMRC Achieves Historic Milestone With Highest-Ever Daily Passenger Journeys


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) achieved a historic milestone by registering an unprecedented 68.16 lakh passenger journeys on Monday (28 August).

This marked the highest ever daily passenger journeys pre and post the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The previous highest recorded passenger journey count stood at 66,18,717 on 10 February 2020, just before the pandemic disrupted travel patterns and routines.

This remarkable milestone, achieved yesterday (28 August), comes after a period of challenges and reflects the resilience and trust of the Delhi-NCR citizens in the world-class transportation system provided by DMRC.

The achievement is a testament to the efforts of DMRC’s dedicated staff, the support of the Delhi NCR residents, and the commitment to providing safe, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation services, stated the DMRC.

Adding that it continues to prioritise passenger safety and comfort while enhancing connectivity across the Delhi-NCR region, the DMRC expressed that, “This milestone underscores our mission to provide accessible, reliable, and sustainable transportation solutions.”