‘Forests Of Hope’ Mural Transforms Dwarka Sector-14 Metro Station Into A Living Canvas


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has joined hands with Nirmal Bhartia School, New Delhi, to unveil the ‘Forests of Hope’ mural artwork, based on the Warli art form, at Dwarka Sector-14 metro station.

The mural artwork is a part of DMRC’s continuous efforts to utilise its premises for the promotion of art, culture and the heritage of India.

DMRC Manging Director Vikas Kumar inaugurated the artwork.

DMRC has already collaborated with a number of NGOs, schools and independent artists to create public art on its stations on a variety of themes.

This public mural, located at Dwarka Sector-14 Metro Station, is a joint effort of DMRC, creative vision of the students of Nirmal Bhartia School and their collaborative effort with the Vayeda Brothers’ St+art India Foundation.

Renowned Warli artists, Mayur and Tushar Vayeda, adorned the station’s walls with their award-winning work, paying homage to the unbeatable spirit of DMRC and celebrating its unmatched excellence and efficiency.

The Warli art is a tribal art form from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra.

Mural artwork at Delhi Metro Station.

The ‘Forests of Hope’ mural serves as a catalyst for dialogue, awareness, and action. It transforms the once-bare walls of Dwarka Sector-14 Metro Station into a thriving forest of inspiration and optimism.

Commuters passing through this station will be greeted by a visual spectacle that reimagines urban spaces as vibrant canvases of creativity. The mural stands as a testament to the transformative potential of collaboration and shared vision of DMRC.

It encapsulates the spirit of hope, unity, and progress, reminding all who pass by that beauty, inspiration, and optimism can thrive in unexpected places.