Maharashtra: Nagpur Railway Station To Be Redeveloped With Rs 536 Crore


Nagpur Junction railway station will soon be redeveloped. The proposed redevelopment aims to provide a world-class travel experience to passengers and stimulate socio-economic development in and around the station.

Recently, the Indian railways, in a tweet, mentioned that the Nagpur railway station will be revamped with the vision of New India.

Nagpur Junction railway station is ‌at the intersection of the Howrah-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai and Mumbai main lines of the Indian Railways. It is one of the busiest stations in the state and is classified as a non-suburban station. It belongs to class A1 stations and is among the top 100 reservation stations of the Indian Railways.

Therefore, in the current scenario, the rush hour traffic at Nagpur station is about 7,700. But after the station refurbishment, it can ‌accommodate over 9,700 passengers.

Similarly, the East Side Building will grow from its current 1,100 sq metres to 29,300 sq metres, and the West Side Station Building will be increased to 25,000 sq metres from 7,146 sq metres.

According to Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) officials, the capacity for parking cars on the west side will increase from 100 to 2,125. On the east side, where no parking is available, 160 cars could be parked alongside 1,000 auto-rickshaws and 1,200 two-wheelers. It will have a green building certification and have various features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

“We also proposed 30 lifts and 26 escalators and two six-metre wide Foot over bridges. Besides, the station will have green building certification, solar panels, rainwater harvesting and solid waste management, among the other on-site segregation,” they added.

As reported by Financial Express, on 11 June, the Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) announced a bid for modernization. The pre-bid meeting was held on 20 June and attended by several EPC contractors and builders. The bidding deadline is 28 July. The estimated cost of the project is around Rs 536 crore. The project will be developed in an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) model.

RLDA is a public corporation specializing in the development of railway land. As part of its development plan, there are four main tasks: commercial leasing space, modernizing colonies and train stations, and multifunctional complexes.

Ved Parkash Dudeja, the vice-chairman, RLDA, said, “Up-gradation of the Nagpur station shall be in line with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide a world-class experience to the Travellers of Indian Railways. The station will be designed as a green building, especially providing facilities for Divyang (physically challenged persons) and will boost socio-economic infrastructure in and around Nagpur. ”

He also added that the prime objective of up-gradation is to provide best-in-class amenities to passengers and enhance the travel experience. The scope of work for the selected bidder shall broadly cover the detailed design and construction of civil works, and mechanical Electrical and plumbing (MEP) works for the station building.

“A Roof Plaza connecting departure halls of East and West side having a common waiting area for all departing passengers shall be constructed above the platforms for facilitating the movement of passengers multi-model integration will be done through the Sky Walk connecting the railway station, Metro Station and multi-level car parking,” Dudeja said.