Mumbai: Tata Power Installs 150 Green Energy Powered EV Charging Stations


Tata Power has installed 150 green energy-powered electric vehicles (EV) stations across Mumbai residential societies, malls, commercial complexes and petrol pumps.

These EV chargers are powered by renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydropower.

“The initiative is in line with Tata Power’s ‘Do Green’ mission to encourage its customers to embrace green and clean energy solutions in their day-to-day life,” the company said.

“Tata Power believes that smart actions taken today will have a big influence on the environment in the future. Our EV charging stations that are powered by clean energy will help in the promotion of e-mobility. We firmly believe Mumbai citizens will lead the ‘Do Green’ drive and serve as a role model for other major cities considering faster EV adoption,” said Sanjay Banga, President of T&D of Tata Power.

The company also has a strong network of more than 13,000 home chargers for private use, over 200 electric bus charging points and around 2,200 public EV chargers installed in more than 350 cities across India.

Recently, Tata Power has collaborated with the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), Maharashtra, to install up to 5,000 EV charging points across Maharashtra.

In Mumbai, Tata Power has provided eco-friendly services like green power, solar rooftop, DSM Programs, and Home Automation.

According to it, more than 17,000 customers have opted for green power across Mumbai, which has helped mitigate around 126 Kilo Tons of carbon emission.