Ola Postpones Delivery Of Their First Batch Of E-Scooters Over Rampant Chip Shortage: Report


Ola Electric will be postponing the delivery of its first batch of electric scooters to between 15 December-31 December owing to a shortage of chipsets and electronic parts.

Initially, the first batch of deliveries was scheduled for 30 November but the company has since delayed it following a meeting between the global supply chain and its factory team on Saturday.

Apparently, greater clarity emerged over the fact that the late delivery of chips and electronic parts was only ‘getting worse’.

The company has even stopped taking any new bookings until the shortage of chips eases down.

“There is a problem and the situation is evolving. But I think we are better off than others because we had planned for the shortage so the impact is not that pronounced,” Ola Electric Chief Marketing Officer Varun Dubey was quoted in a report by the Business Standard.

Along with Ola Electric, electric scooter makers Ather Energy is also dealing with chip shortages as the delivery period of these chips have increased from 3-4 weeks to 36-38 weeks, which is hampering the growth of several involved stakeholders.