Russia – Ukraine War: Reliance Tapping On Its Excess Capacity In Jamnagar Plant To Supply Fuel To Europe


Reliance Industries’ plant in Jamnagar is boosting crude processing and also postponing the planned maintenance to capitalise on the renewed demand for diesel in Europe.

The conglomerate is already dispatching fuel shipments to Europe and is expected to step on it in the coming few months.

The global energy crunch caused by the Russia-Ukraine war has thus helped Reliance to tap upon the excess capacity of its Jamnagar plant.

The complex can process 1.36 million barrels of crude daily from two refineries.

The unit had used only 74.7 per cent of its capacity back in January this year.

Hence, Reliance had actually planned to close down one of its crude processing units for around three weeks starting from March.

However, those plans are now pushed to September due to the developing energy situation in Europe.

“Reliance has large flexibility in terms of crude feedstock ratio and yield shifts, and it exports 80% of its output. That gives it the maximum benefit in strong margin times,” FGE head Senthil Kumaran was quoted in a report by Bloomberg.