Smart Cities Mission: Integrated Command And Control Centres Operationalised In 75 Cities


Out of 100 Smart Cities, Integrated Command and Control Centres (ICCC) have been operationalised in 75 Smart Cities.

State and City administrations have converted ICCCs into covid-19 war rooms and used existing smart infrastructure to manage the pandemic effectively.

“All 100 Smart Cities have deployed digital technology based and other innovative solutions to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic,” the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs said.

The government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) on 25 June 2015 to develop 100 cities as Smart Cities.

The cities were selected through four rounds of competition from January 2016 to June 2018. As of 12 November 2021, these cities have tendered out 6,452 projects worth Rs 1,84,998 crore, out of which work orders have been issued in 5,809 projects worth Rs 1,56,571 crore; out of these, 3,131 projects worth Rs 53,175 crore have been completed.

COVID-19 pandemic related lockdowns and other unprecedented situations have led to temporary interruptions in executing Smart City work across the country. However, Smart Cities commenced work after removing lockdown and are trying their best to make up for the time lost due to such unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances.