Telangana: India’s Largest Landfill Based Biogas Plant Inaugurated In Hyderabad


Telangana’s capital city Hyderabad is now home to India’s largest landfill gas-to-compressed biogas plant as Ramky Enviro has inaugurated the facility at the Hyderabad Integrated Municipal Solid Waste (HiMSW) site.

The project converts landfill gas into compressed biogas and offers significant benefits such as carbon sequestration, reduced emissions of GHGs into the environment, and greening of the automotive industry.

“This project responds to one of the biggest strategic imperatives of today – how can we make India’s infrastructure development more sustainable, whilst supporting our strategic energy security priorities,” Masood Mallick, JMD, Ramky Enviro said.

“The successful transformation of one of the largest municipal waste dumpsites in India to a significant source of sustainable energy and green auto fuel, is a great example of circular economy innovation at scale, one that is unprecedented globally,” he added, reports Telangana Today.

Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd (REEL) provides comprehensive environment management services. REEL offers environmental services and infrastructure solutions under various categories such as waste management, waste to energy, recycling and environment solutions such as remediation.

According to the company, it manages approximately six million tonnes per annum of municipal solid waste in 21 cities spread across India and over one million tonnes per annum of industrial hazardous waste.