Indian Railways Achieved 6,577 Route Km Track Electrification By 2023 End, 93.83% Of Broad Gauge Route Electrified


With a vision of providing eco-friendly, faster and energy-efficient modes of transportation, Indian Railways is marching towards 100 per cent electrification of Broad Gauge tracks.

During the year 2023, Indian Railways has achieved 6,577 route kilometers of electrification. The total broad gauge (BG) network of 61,508 route km has been electrified upto December 2023 which is 93.83 per cent of the total broad gauge route (65,556 RKM) of Indian Railways.

Until 2014, 21,801 km of broad gauge network was electrified.

Railway electrification offers benefits like reduced operating costs, and haulage of heavier freight trains and longer passenger trains due to higher haulage capacity of electric locomotives; leading to increased throughput.

Besides, the electrified routes also provide increased sectional capacity by eliminating detention due to traction change.

Electrified tracks offer an environment-friendly mode of transport and reduce dependence on imported crude oil thereby saving precious foreign currency.

However, though more and more electric locomotives will be inducted into the train running system with the electrification drive, the diesel locomotives will not be fully eliminated from the Railways.

The diesel locos would be required for hauling trains during the power grid failure and other emergencies.