Assam’s Ambitious Infrastructure Plan: 1,000 New Bridges To Be Constructed By 2026, To Foster Connectivity To Southeast Asia


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced on Wednesday (30 August) that his government will commence the construction of 1,000 bridges across the state.

During the inauguration of a 2.6-km-long flyover from Kamakhya Gate to Maligaon in Guwahati, which is considered the longest in Assam, Sarma revealed that the state government has already completed 842 small and large bridges in recent times.

Sarma expressed his satisfaction in sharing the news that the construction of another 1,000 bridges will soon begin. He assured that all these projects will be finished by 2026.

Emphasising the significance of Guwahati as the gateway to the Northeast, Sarma aspired to transform it into a gateway for Southeast Asia.

During the public opening of the ‘Neelachal Flyover,’ Sarma acknowledged the immense challenge faced by the Public Works Department (PWD) department in completing the construction on time. The flyover was built on one of the busiest roads in Guwahati.

The ‘Neelachal Flyover’ project was undertaken by the state’s PWD department, with an investment of Rs 420 crore.

According to Sarma, the construction project required a total of 18,000 MT of cement, 20,000 cubic MT of sand, 7,500 MT of steel, and various other materials.

The chief minister also provided a list of several road projects in Guwahati and other towns of Assam. These projects are currently in different stages of planning and execution.

There are currently 22 major projects, including flyovers and bridges over the Brahmaputra, that are being worked on. Out of these, 21 are nearing completion, as stated by the chief minister.