Bengaluru’s Traffic Woes To Ease: NHAI To Build City’s Longest Flyover On OMR


The lengthiest flyover in Bengaluru is set to be constructed along Old Madras Road by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), to address the persistent traffic issues on this road notorious for congestion during peak hours.

Situated in eastern Bengaluru, Old Madras Road is flanked by densely populated neighborhoods, technology hubs, and transit points. Key junctions such as TC Palya and Battarahalli have gained notoriety for traffic snarls in the city.

It stands out as the only major national highway in Bengaluru lacking sufficient width or flyovers/underpasses to meet the high traffic demands. NHAI aims to rectify this with an approximately 15-km-long flyover, commencing near the KR Puram police station and extending all the way to Kolathur Junction.

This flyover, beyond alleviating congestion on Old Madras Road, will facilitate seamless access for commuters to the under-construction Bengaluru-Chennai expressway, as outlined by KB Jayakumar, Project Director (Bengaluru), NHAI.

The estimated cost of the flyover is Rs 1,500 crore, to be funded through a hybrid annuity model, with cost-sharing between NHAI and the contractor. No additional land acquisition is anticipated.

NHAI is currently formulating a detailed project report for the flyover, expected to be finalised by March 2024.

According to Jayakumar, “There’s no other way of fixing the OMR’s traffic situation. The flyover will eliminate all major traffic choke points like TC Palya.”

The new flyover, featuring a six-lane main carriageway, is poised to surpass the length of the city’s current longest elevated road — the Electronics City expressway on Hosur Road (NH 4), which spans 9.98 km.

Jayakumar stated that despite users’ preference for the flyover to commence at the KR Puram cable bridge, this is not feasible due to it falling outside NHAI jurisdiction.

Integration of three underbridges along Old Madras Road (Katamnallur, Hoskote Junction, and MVJ Hospital at Kolathur) is planned without dismantling them, with a redesign to incorporate them into the flyover.

Discussions are ongoing about the fate of the toll plaza at Hoskote, with considerations for potential toll collection ramps at Hoskote itself, reports Deccan Herald.

In a forward-looking approach, NHAI intends to construct the flyover’s spans with 30-metre girders, cast off-site and transported to the construction site on truck trolleys.

While this may slightly increase construction costs and pose transportation challenges, it aims to future-proof the flyover.