Nagpur Receives Rs 266 Crore Integrated Drainage Plan As Part Of Joint Effort By Fadnavis And Gadkari To Mitigate Flooding


The Maharashtra government has given its approval for an integrated drainage plan worth Rs 266.63 crore to address the issue of flooding in Nagpur city.

This plan involves various measures such as reinforcing the Ambazari lake, as well as repairing the rivers, bridges and roads that were damaged during the flash floods that occurred on 22 September this year.

On 4 November, a joint press conference was held in Nagpur, with Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister for Roads, Transport, and Highways Nitin Gadkari, reports Indian Express.

Nagpur is the hometown of both Fadnavis and Gadkari. Fadnavis is the elected representative of the Nagpur South West Assembly constituency, while Gadkari holds the position for the Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency.

Nagpur experienced an exceptional rainfall of 112 mm in just four hours in September. Technical experts have suggested the development of a comprehensive plan, which is currently being prepared, according to Fadnavis.

They announced setting up of an effluent and sewage treatment plant at Wadi to prevent the flow of its untreated sewage into Ambazari lake.

The strengthening of Ambazari lake will require a budget of Rs 32.42 crore, while the repair and restructuring of rivers, nullahs, roads and bridges damaged in the flash floods will cost Rs 234.21 crore.

The government plans to deepen a five-kilometre section of the Nag River and redesign it in order to restore its original width. Fadnavis stated that their goal is to reclaim the river, which has gradually become narrower over the years.

Gadkari stated that a Nag River project worth Rs 2,400 crore was already being considered through the Japanese company JICA.

However, after the flooding in three out of six assembly constituencies, the decision was made to expand the project’s scope to cover all the remaining constituencies as well.

“The drainage system of the remaining three constituencies would be jointly taken care of by the Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority and Nagpur Municipal Corporation. We will appoint an international consultant for preparing a comprehensive plan for these three constituencies,” Gadkari said.