GMR Group And IndiGo Airlines Join Forces To Transform Indian Aviation Landscape


In a groundbreaking move, GMR Group and IndiGo Airlines have joined forces to establish a strategic digital consortium aimed at revolutionising the landscape of the Indian aviation industry.

This collaboration, as announced in a press release from GMR, leverages the diverse strengths of GMR’s infrastructure expertise and IndiGo Airlines’ innovative approach to air travel.

The primary focus of this consortium is the deployment of cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency, passenger experiences, and overall sustainability within the aviation sector.

As the founding partners of this industry consortium, GMR Group and IndiGo intend to engage with various stakeholders across the aviation ecosystem to achieve key objectives, including technological innovation, enhanced passenger services, operational excellence, and embracing sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact.

SGK Kishore, chief innovation officer of GMR Airports, emphasised the consortium’s role as a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and leadership in the digital and emerging technology arenas. “Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation remains steadfast, and we anticipate introducing forward-thinking solutions in the years ahead with the entire aviation ecosystem. This initiative will harness digital technologies to create a future-ready and efficient aviation infrastructure in India,” he stated,¬†reports¬†Economic Times.

Rajesh Kumar Singh, Special Director in the CEO’s office at IndiGo, expressed enthusiasm about the unique initiative, highlighting the potential for breakthrough experiences orchestrated in real-time using digital innovations. “An aviation ecosystem with the customer at its heart, driven by digital innovations, has the potential to provide unparalleled experiences not seen anywhere else in the world,” he said.

The collaboration between GMR Group and IndiGo signifies a significant step forward in fostering innovation, efficiency, and sustainability within the Indian aviation industry, promising transformative outcomes for passengers and stakeholders alike.