Yamuna Authority Approves Massive Aerotropolis To Spur Airport-Driven Growth Around The Noida Airport


The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has designated 6,554 hectares of land for the development of an Aerotropolis around Noida airport in Jewar along Yamuna Expressway.

Additionally, the authority has already planned to construct an aviation hub on 4,480 hectares of land along the same expressway.

According to Arun Vir Singh, the CEO of YEIDA, the Aerotropolis will be modelled after Delhi’s Aerocity, which is located near the IGI airport. However, the Aerotropolis in Jewar will be much larger and aims to become a major centre for business activities, as per Hindustan Times report.

An aerotropolis is a development centred around an airport, where the aviation facility serves as a key driver of economic activity and connectivity, shaping the city’s growth and development. It integrates air travel, logistics, and business functions to create a seamless hub for transportation and commerce.

Projected to be one of India’s largest airports upon its completion, the Noida International Airport will serve as an aviation hub for National Capital Region (NCR) and several adjoining districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The upcoming airport is being planned not only to facilitate substantial infrastructure development but also to create opportunities in its vicinity. To maximise its potential, various projects are underway to improve connectivity and promote the growth of industrial sectors in the surrounding areas.

During its 78th board meeting, YEIDA approved the proposal to allocate 6,554 hectares of land for this ambitious Aerotropolis project. The authority will now seek approval from the UP government, and once granted, they will proceed with the next stages of the project.

The UP government envisions this project as a self-contained, world-class hub that includes business zones, logistics activities, commercial districts, hospitality facilities, recreation areas, and other supporting activities.

“This project will boost not only residential development but also the industrial boom, also boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure to support a diverse range of themed developments,” said Singh.

The planners and experts have been directed by the authority to create a layout for the Aerotropolis that will accommodate various themes. These themes include an innovation and tech hub, commercial centres, a logistics hub, hospitality options, and recreational and entertainment areas.

The aerotropolis was first proposed at YEIDA’s meeting on the township’s Master Plan 2041 in March last year. According to the master plan, the city-side development around the airport will offer efficient connectivity for executives and professionals to distant markets.

The YEIDA announced that the Aerotropolis will feature hotels, service apartments, innovation centres, and a tech hub. Additionally, there will be a biotechnology park, research and development centres, as well as information and software technology hubs.

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