Indian Startups Join Fray To Build Swappable Battery Infrastructure To Push EV Adoption In India


A number of Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) startups and foreign firms are trying to create a domestic ecosystem of swappable batteries in order to push electric mobility in the country, reports Livemint.

A network of stations which permit users to swap their batteries make the adoption of EVs by Indian consumers likely to be much more rapid considering the reduction of inconvenience in charging their batteries.

The Indian companies include Sun Mobility, led by Chetan Maini, and Exicom Power Solutions based in Gurugram. Another entity in the fray is 22 Kymco, which is a collaborative effort between Twenty Two Motors Pvt Ltd and Taiwan-based Kymco Global.

They are trying to set up their respective networks in a number of select cities first. Maini said that his company has entered into around 10 partnerships till now to provide tailor made battery solutions to its clients.

“We have moved from technology development stages to commercial deployment. We have been working with multiple OEMs across the ecosystem including two-, three-wheelers and the buses. We are seeing gradual deployment, one-by-one,” Maini said.