Akasa Air Emerges As Fastest-Growing Airline In Global Aviation History


Within just 12 months of launching operations, Akasa Air achieved an impressive fleet size of 20 brand-new aircraft, setting a precedent for rapid expansion.

Akasa Air celebrates a significant milestone as it completes one year of successful commercial operations in the Indian aviation landscape.

Since its inaugural flight on 7 August 2022, from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Akasa Air has revolutionised the industry with its affordable options and extensive connectivity, ushering in a new era of advancement for Indian aviation.

In an extraordinary achievement, Akasa Air has become one of the fastest-growing airlines in global aviation history. Within just 12 months of operation, the airline has expanded its fleet to an impressive size of 20 brand-new aircraft, setting a precedent for rapid growth.

The recent addition of its 20th aircraft, a Boeing 737-8-200 variant of the Boeing 737 MAX, further solidifies Akasa Air’s position as the first Asian airline to integrate this cutting-edge model into its expanding fleet.

With a substantial order book of 76 aircraft, including 23 737-8s and 53 737-8-200 aeroplanes, Akasa Air has set ambitious goals for the future, aiming to strengthen its fleet even further by the end of 2023.

During its inaugural year, Akasa Air has demonstrated remarkable performance, serving over 4.3 million passengers and operating more than 900 weekly flights across 35 unique routes covering 16 destinations.

The airline’s market share has surged from 0 per cent to 4.9 per cent, a testament to its growing popularity and reliable service. Notably, Akasa Air boasts a passenger load factor of over 84 per cent, a figure that continues to rise in the current fiscal year.

The 20th aircraft arrived on 1 August 2023, marking a new chapter for Akasa Air as it prepares to expand into international markets. Starting in December 2023, the airline will begin operating flights internationally, showcasing its innovative services to a wider audience and further establishing its global presence.

Akasa Air is committed to environmental sustainability and has made it a priority. With one of the youngest and most eco-friendly fleets in the world, the airline uses fuel-efficient aircraft and implements eco-friendly practices throughout its operations.

This includes the use of recycled materials and sustainable packaging for inflight meals, contributing to a greener and more sustainable aviation industry.

In addition to its focus on sustainability, Akasa Air has also gained recognition for its unique inflight meal service, Cafe Akasa, which has received praise from travellers.

Furthermore, the airline’s pet-friendly policies, known as Pets on Akasa, have also been well-received by passengers, further enhancing the overall travel experience for those travelling with their furry companions.

As Akasa Air marks its one-year milestone, Vinay Dube, the founder and chief executive officer, expressed his pride in the airline’s achievements and expansion, reports Financial Express.

Dube emphasised the airline’s unwavering dedication to safety, exceptional service, and sustainable growth, painting a positive picture of the future.