Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS: Construction Of Fifth Tunnel Of Meerut Commences On The Corridor


The construction of the fifth tunnel of Meerut has commenced for the underground portion of the RRTS corridor.

Two parallel tunnels — one kilometre each — are to be built between Bhainsali to Begumpul. The construction of the first tunnel has begun.

Meerut has witnessed three tunnel breakthroughs in the last four months. With the commencement of this tunnelling, the construction work in Meerut has reached the next stage.

The tunnel boring machine (TBM), also known as Sudarshan 8.1, is constructing this tunnel. Not long ago, this Sudarshan had made a breakthrough at Meerut Central station last December, after successfully constructing a tunnel of about 2 km from Bhainsali to Meerut Central (Football Chowk).

After this breakthrough, Sudarshan 8.1 was dismantled in the shaft itself and its cutter head and shield were brought to the launching shaft at Bhainsali station, laden on the trailer. The rest of the backup gantry or TBM was brought to the launching shaft as well.

After all the parts reached the launching shaft, the TBM engineers thoroughly tested the various parts.

Sudarshan is a state-of-the-art, sophisticated tunnel boring machine, every part of which is very delicate, so its parts were checked, repaired or replaced. All the parts were then reassembled and tested again.

After ensuring its safe and efficient functioning, it has now been launched for the tunnel construction.

There are three underground stations on the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS and Metro corridor in Meerut viz Meerut Central, Bhainsali and Begumpul.

To connect these stations, two parallel tunnels are to be constructed in three parts, that is a total of six tunnels are to be constructed. The first parallel tunnel is being constructed between Bhainsali to Meerut Central (about 2 km), the second between Gandhi Bagh to Begumpul (about 700 m) and the third parallel tunnel from Bhainsali to Begumpul (about 1 km).

The construction of three of these six tunnels has been completed.

Sudarshan 8.3 completed the construction of a tunnel from Gandhi Bagh to Begumpul in October. In December, Sudarshan 8.1 completed the construction of a tunnel from Bhainsali to Meerut Central Station and at the beginning of this month, Sudarshan 8.2 completed the construction of the second parallel tunnel from Bhainsali to Meerut Central Station.

The process of retrieving Sudarshan 8.2 out of the retrieving shaft is also in progress. This Sudarshan, 8.2 will construct the second parallel tunnel between Bhainsali and Begumpul stations.

The RRTS project is being implemented as per the stipulated time frame. It is to be noted that NCRTC is going to provide local transit services, Meerut Metro, in Meerut on the RRTS network, which will have 13 stations for a distance of 21 km.