Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor: Multi-Modal Integration Underway At Ghaziabad And Sahibabad Stations


The integration of multiple modes of transportation at the Ghaziabad and Sahibabad Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) stations is in progress.

However, some structures may not be completed by March-end, when the 17 Km Sahibabad-Duhai priority section of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS project is expected to begin operation, according to NCRTC officials.

A 50 m foot overbridge (FOB) linking Sahibabad RRTS station to Vasundhara is functional, according to the NCRTC.

However, it will take around three more months to establish a connection between the station and UPSRTC Sahibabad bus stand.

Further, the construction of a 300 m FOB linking Ghaziabad RRTS station to Shaheed Sthal metro station is expected to take more time.

The Sahibabad RRTS station and UPSRTC bus stand are being connected with separate entry and exit points to ensure smooth linkages between the two modes of transportation.

“For the convenience of Sahibabad residents, the RRTS station will be linked with the bus stand,” an NCRTC official was quoted by Economic Times as saying.

The RRTS station will have three entry-exit gates, with one facing the bus stand, the second will face Vasundhara, and the third will face the Sahibabad industrial area.

The official also stated that work on all three gates is currently in progress.

The 50 m overbridge at Vasundhara’s entry-exit gate is already operations. The official said that it will provide commuters with easy and hassle-free access to the Vasundhara side from the Sahibabad RRTS station, as well as safe pedestrian crossing options.

The Sahibabad RRTS station will have three levels – ground, concourse, and platform – to ensure accessibility for last-mile connectivity.

The station can be approached by anyone taking a taxi or any other vehicle straight to the ground floor without obstructing traffic on the main road.

In anticipation of integrating the Sahibabad RRTS station with the Blue Line metro service, the NCRTC has made arrangements to construct a skywalk to the Mohan Nagar metro station. However, uncertainty surrounds the metro line, resulting in minimum infrastructure being built by the NCRTC to facilitate connectivity in the future.

Further, considering many passengers may travel via the Ghaziabad RRTS station, it would be connected to the Shaheed Sthal metro station.

According to the NCRTC official, the station’s construction is nearing completion while a 300m FOB that will connect the metro station and New Bus Adda is under-construction.