Delhi-Meerut RRTS: Work On Modinagar’s North and South RapidX Stations Nears Completion


Expediting the pace of work, construction of both Modinagar-North and Modinagar-South stations of RapidX has reached the advanced stages.

Work on installation of escalators and lifts along with the finishing work of the station is currently underway.

Modinagar is one of the densely populated cities in the Ghaziabad district. For years, the area has been suffering from severe traffic congestion along the Delhi-Meerut Road.

Commuters and residents face significant challenges due to this traffic. The upcoming Modinagar South and Modinagar North RapidX stations will be a boon for the residents.

Slab casting of concourse level and platform level have already been completed in both of these stations. All technical rooms at concourse level including auxiliary sub-station, station control room, electrical control room, telecom equipment room, signaling equipment room have been completed.

Finishing works are being done at all these rooms. The construction of entry and exit gates for both stations are also being started very soon.

At the platform level, the track laying activities are in progress, and OHE poles are started being installed for electrical supply. Once these activities completed, the signaling work will be started in this section.

Pre-fabricated materials for the station’s roof have also arrived and the process of installation will begin soon.

The length of both of these stations is approximately 215-m-long, with a width of around 25 m, and the platform level is situated at a height of about 16 m from ground level.

Both stations are being developed consisting of three levels, including ground level, concourse level, and platform level. The ground level will have entry and exit doors on both sides of the stations to facilitate easy access for commuters.

In order to ensure passenger convenience, four to six escalators are being installed at these stations, out of which two escalators from concourse to platform level have already been installed.

Four lifts are being installed for commuters to ensure their convenient travelling, from the ground level to the concourse level and from the concourse level to the platform level.

Besides, pick and drop zones will also be established at the entry and exit gates of both the stations, to ensure easy access for commuters coming through public as well as private means.

The Delhi-Meerut main carriageway will be divided into two 9-m-wide roads, with a 6-m-wide service lane on each side, to ensure smooth flow of vehicles to and from the stations, resulting in the main carriageway being congestion free.