Delhi Metro Increases Operational Speed To 110 Kmph On Airport Express Line


The operational speed of the Metro trains on the 23 km-long Airport Express Line (AEL) connecting New Delhi to Dwarka Sector-21 via IGI Airport has now been increased from 100 kmph to 110 kmph from Thursday (22 June) onwards.

This will bring the airport further close to the City Centre (Rajiv Chowk) after receiving the mandatory approval from the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS).

The speed of trains will further be increased from 110 kmph to 120 kmph after getting the necessary clearance subsequently.

With this enhancement, DMRC has set a new benchmark in the Indian Metro sector by achieving a remarkable speed of 110 kmph and continues to hold the distinction of being one of the fastest Metro systems in India.

With the increase in the operational speed to 110 KMPH, passengers can now reach from New Delhi to Airport (T-3) in just around 16 minutes.

This speed enhancement has also brought the Airport much closer to the city centre Rajiv Chowk which is accessible within 15 minutes now. The total travel time from New Delhi to Dwarka Sec-21 Metro station after the current increase will be around 20 minutes.

Further, the total travel time on the entire AEL will be reduced to 19 minutes only, after the maximum speed limit of 120 kmph is ultimately implemented in coming days.

This achievement not only highlights DMRC’s commitment to innovation and efficiency but also brings excellent news for passengers traveling to the airport. The combination of high-speed travel and hassle-free connectivity to the airport offers commuters a convenient and economical option.

Moreover, passengers traveling to the airport arrival often face the challenge of finding parking spaces and incurring expensive parking charges.

By opting for the Metro, passengers can not only enjoy a comfortable, seamless and economical journey but also avoid the inconveniences associated with parking at the airport.

In addition, DMRC has also recently taken measures for passenger convenience in terms of fast and cashless ticketing options through QR codes and WhatsApp based ticketing which eliminates need for travellers especially those arriving from abroad to go to ticket counters/stand in queue.

Delhi Metro has increased the operational speed of metro trains from 90 kmph to 100 kmph on the Airport Express Line on 22 March 2023.