DMRC Completes ‘Mid-Life Refurbishment’ Of 10 Metro Trains WIth New Features; 70 Such Trains To Be Refurbished In Total


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), in a first-of-its-kind exercise, has completed the mid-life refurbishment of 10 train sets which were inducted in the first phase.

The refurbishment process includes installation of CCTV system, fire detection system, mobile charging facilities and LCD- based dynamic route map, refurbishment of wooden floor with composite material and internal painting.

According to the DMRC, the coaches had a design life of 30 years. The refurbishment will ensure that the old coaches can be used efficiently for next 13-15 years.

This present refurbishment exercise is known as ‘mid term rehabilitation’ which comes at around 15 years, half of design life of a coach/train which is 30 years.

The first set of coaches, comprising 70 Metro trains are mostly deployed on the Red and Blue Lines currently. These were procured by DMRC in its Phase-I between 2002 and 2007 and have already completed 14 to 19 years of their overall 30-year life span.

As part of the mid-life refurbishment, the trains are being retrofitted or modified with many new features in order to bring them at par with the rest of the trains which were subsequently introduced into service in DMRC’s Phase-II and III expansions.

The first such train was re-inducted into service in November 2021. The remaining trains were gradually refurbished and re-inducted by April 2023.

In addition, tender has been awarded for taking up the refurbishment work of another 18 trainsets on similar lines and the refurbishment work is likely to be completed by March 2025.

Officials said each train will cost roughly Rs 4 crore to refurbish, and the entire project will cost Rs 280 crore. DMRC officials said that it takes around a month to complete the upgrade for each train.

Preventive Maintenance

At present, the 391-km-long Delhi Metro network has more than 350 trainsets in its fleet.

These trainsets undergo periodical Preventive Maintenance Checks for their world-class upkeep which is carried out at the respective maintenance depots/workshops on all Lines.

It includes 72-Hrs daily check once in three days, A-Check after 15 days, B-1 Check after every 45 days or 15,000 km, B-4 Check after every 6-month or 60,000 km, B-8 Check after one year or 1.2 lakh km and C-1 Check after more than 4 lakh km.

C-2 Check is the last stage of periodic overhauling for trains which is undertaken every eight years and includes overhaul of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical aspects. It takes 10-12 working days.