Growth Journey Continues: Indian Railways Reports Highest-Ever Freight Loading In FY 2022-23


In FY 2022-23, the Indian Railways reported the highest-ever loading of 1512 MT of freight, surpassing the previous year’s record of 1418 MT, according to an official statement.

Railways’ Financial Year 2022-23 revenue of Rs 2.44 lakh crores increased by 27.75 per cent from the previous year’s Rs 1.91 lakh crores.

Indian Railways achieved records in track electrification, new line laying, and automatic signalling, besides loading, in the past year.

The Indian Railways is placing emphasis on Gati Shakti Freight Terminals as part of its strategy to increase its market share in the freight sector. In the fiscal year 2022-23, the railways established 30 new freight terminals, an increase from the previous year’s 21.

By adopting the motto “Hungry For Cargo,” Indian Railways has successfully increased its freight loading and earnings. It has consistently worked to improve the business environment and provide high-quality service at competitive rates.

Consequently, both traditional and non-traditional commodity streams have resulted in increased traffic on the railways, the official statement said.

Indian Railways is working towards achieving Mission 100 Per Cent Electrification, with the aim of becoming the world’s largest green railway network. It plans to electrify all broad gauge networks by December 2023.

The railway has made significant progress towards this goal, with 6,542 Route Kilometres (RKM) being electrified during the 2022-23 period, surpassing the previous highest of 6,366 RKM during 2021-22.

The New Line category, including New Line, Doubling, and Gauge Conversion, accomplished 5,243 km in 2022-23 compared to 2,909 km in 2021-22. This equates to an average daily track laying of 14.4 km and is the highest commissioning ever achieved in this segment.