Mumbai Metro: Metro Line-4 To Have Pocket Track At Bhakti Park Station To Park Trains Off The Mainline


As part of the Metro Line-4, between Wadala and Kasarvadavali, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to construct a pocket track at Bhakti Park Station, in order to facilitate trains to park off the mainline.

The MMRDA has been permitted to bear the additional cost needed for the construction of the siding line or pocket track, during a recently held meeting led by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, reports Indian Express.

According to the authority, it has estimated over Rs 38.85 crore for the construction of this siding line.

A pocket track is used to take a train off the main line so it can park and reverse direction without disrupting the services on the mainline.

Explaining the need for the pocket track, the MMRDA said there would be a possibility of trains from Mogharpada depot running empty till CSMT during the morning hours.

This is expected with the operations plan for the Metro Line-4 linked with other metro corridors of the network — namely Metro Line-11 between Wadala and CSMT, Metro Line-4A between Kasarvadavali and Gaimukh, and Metro Line-10 between Gaimukh and Shivaji Chowk, Mira Road.

This development is intended to eliminate the need for trains to travel till the end station — by allowing additional facility for the trains to park off the mainline on the siding line.

Following this, at the Bhakti Park Metro station, initial plans were made to construct two portal piers at a height on a barge to support the pocket track.

However, one track came under protected mangrove area, so the decision was made to replace the plan for two tiers, by building a single cantilever pier with connecting beams to achieve the necessary span, dropping the plan for two piers.

For this construction, an additional Rs 33.85 crore is required, said the MMRDA.

Part Map showing Metro Line-4 (in purple) interconnections (KnighFrank)

The Metro Line 4 is currently more than 41 per cent ready and expected to be opened in a phased manner, as per the report.

This part of the Green Line will be 32.32 km long starting from Kasarvadavali, near Thane in the north, to Wadala, south Mumbai — providing an alternate public transport connectivity for Thane city with Mumbai.

In its entirety, with the extension of Metro Line-11, the Green Line corridor will be around 57.11 km in length, connecting Shivaji Chowk, Gaimukh, Kasarawadavali, Wadala and CSMT through 48 stations.